July 2020

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Taylor Loves Her Job

Request Appointment Call Now Taylor Loves Her Job! Taylor, dental assistant at Dr. Porter’s Fountain Hills dental office, talks about how much she loves her job. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a calm, welcoming environment for our patients. That being said, if our staff feels like Taylor does, our patients surely do too! Thanks for the glowing review, Taylor. Contact Information John A. Porter DMD Phone: 480.816.3214 Address: 17100 E. Shea Blvd. # 450  Fountain Hills, AZ… Read More »Taylor Loves Her Job

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Bicon Patient

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What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, is a very common malady effecting almost all adults over age 40.  In fact other than the common cold it is the world’s most common affliction.  And the most common cause of tooth loss.  All mouths are “infected” with bacteria, commonly called “plaque”.  To control the growth of plaque is why we brush our teeth.  But no matter how well we brush our teeth plaque will be left behind.  This left behind plaque will harden… Read More »What is Gum Disease?

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Missing Back Teeth

Why Replace Missing Teeth No one will see it back there!  So, why should I replace my missing back teeth?  Well, it turns out your dental health is highly correlated with whether or not you make the decision to replace your missing back teeth.  When a back tooth is removed it is kind of a “two for one” deal.  Teeth that touch together, when you shut your mouth to chew, are “biting partners.”  Like many partnerships, the loss of one… Read More »Missing Back Teeth


Root Canal!

Root Canal! The very word “Root Canal” is enough to strike terror into the heart of an otherwise compliant dental patient. So what are root canals and why are they often feared?   Figure 1 shows the anatomy of a tooth with enamel (the white external part of a tooth) and dentin (the yellow part of the tooth under the enamel) and blood vessels and nerves (pulp) inside the tooth. For a variety of reasons the pulp can become inflamed or… Read More »Root Canal!